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Swans Island Company is a business and a community centered in Maine, and determined to create objects of beauty and utility in authentic and earth-friendly ways. Everyone is invited to contact the company or visit our studios in Maine.

In the early 1990’s John and Carolyn Grace moved to Swans Island, off the coast of Acadia National Park, and commenced a small weaving operation using local wool. They had been lawyers in Boston and had finally realized their dream of living close to the land in Maine. They knew that many Maine islands were traditionally sheep islands, and that the wool they produced was used in textile mills that today stand idle or have found new uses. The Graces decided to create wool blankets by hand using time-honored and still-remembered traditions. They found people who raised sheep and learned to make their own dyestuffs, to weave on hand looms, and gradually discovered how to produce beautiful blankets.

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